Friday, 2 October 2009


After nearly 40 years of talking about it and 3 years of building, the BIG LINK-UP is actually going to go ahead. Season 2009/10 marks the join up of Kanin, Slovenias highest ski resort and Sella Nevea in Italy . While Kanin has always been a fun place to ski with amazing views and plenty of character, it could never be labeled as 'big' resort. Now skiers will be able to ski over the border and down into Italy. This long awaited advancement will triple the size of the ski area and should secure Kanins position as an internationally recognized ski area.

The link-up will increase the resorts potential for greater off-piste skiing and freeride boarding as well as providing a range of on piste skiing for all abilities.

While skiing in Slovenia may seem a novel idea to some, the benefits of skiing in this unique country are endless. From excellent snow conditions, quieter pistes, longer seasons to the ‘three course meal for under 8Euros’ served in Kanins restaurant there are many reasons to to at least give it a go, and this season be the best time to do so!

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