Sunday, 26 April 2009

Spring BBQ Fun

With awesome temperatures up to 26 degrees in April the inviting bank of the Soca river has already hosted some fine BBQ's. Easter Sunday; a few hours on Kanin enjoying the spring skiing, then to the river for a touch of sun-bathing followed by fresh trout cooked on the fire.
It feels like summer is already here and there is a fresh vibe around the valley. With river guides re-appearing from far flung corners of the world to take up there summer posts and the luxury of the ski and river combos available daily the valley seems more alive.

Besides this spring is giving the valley its trademark green forest coated mountains and family veg plots are sprouting all manner of exciting shoots. The Casa Rosa garden has been planted with Potatoes and other veg to be planted soon.

Ofcourse we plan to have many more BBQ's this summer and spend many more hours appreciating our stunning river Soca!! Watch this space.