Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Casa Rosa Veggies

The veg patch has been a real challenge for me. Constantly admiring other peoples neat rows and sqaures of perfect produce and wondering if I can ever aspire to that. The Casa Rosa patch has not been pretty to say the least but in amongst the relentless weeds. There has been some amount of success. Trillions of yellow courgettes, cucumbers and and lots of salad. Some misshapen carrots, a huge parsley bush, beans galore, and one or two butternut on their way. Not to mention the entire field of potatoes. So not to bad really, however my dream to provide veg boxes for guests may have been a bit ambitious and reality amounted to a couple of courgettes or some salad.

The plums were made into delicious Plum and ginger jam and a diet of courgette soup and cucumber salad has been adopted. Well my taste of the good life is not over yet as the Casa Rosa Vine is dripping with grapes which are to be harvested next week and made into wine, a very exciting task.

Not to forget the pots outside the house, containing Chillies, strawberries and cherry tomatoes.

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