Saturday, 27 June 2009

Flying High above the Soca Valley

Having spent two days watching a plane take-off, full of people prepared to fling themselves out of the door and fall hurtling towards the ground before opening an umbrella, well parachute. I was just still not sure if I was up to the challenge or not. The fantastic instructor Jason Snailham was doing a great job at giving people the experience of a life-time, and after all he was here for just two days but it just seemed it wasn't for me, maybe next time. I did, however like the idea of the plane ride, through the Stunning Soca valley. So on enquiring about the possibility of this I was assured that sitting in the back of the plane (now void of jumpers) landing again with the door open would not be much fun for a passenger. Never mind, there are other tour planes in the valley. i would get another chance. I would have to make do with a picture from the ground....

Well just before the plane was due to fly onwards to Czech republic I was invited to be a passenger on the test flight which would determine the planes maneuverability within the valley. This in view of a return trip to the valley as a permanent feature and addition to the valleys already awesome selection of extreme sports. Well the flight was incredible and here is just some of what I saw....

The Boka waterfall.....

The Turquoise Soca River....

Gorenje Zaga, the setting for Casa Rosa....

Bovec and the Airfield.

The flight was sensational and with ever moment I was reminded of just how beautiful and unique place the Soca Valley is!

Monday, 8 June 2009

Guest Book Entries

' What a fantastic place! We have been so lucky with the weather, missed the first snows of the winter and had mainly cloudless days with the best of the autumn colours. Out everyday walking in shirt sleeves. So many glorious walks.
Casa Rosa worked really well...what luxury. Many many thanks....'
Robert and Robert sept 2008

'A Slovenian Christmas. A beautifully presented chalet, comfortable and welcoming. We had such a good time, wine took a hammering. Lovely car train trip to Ljubljana. Skiing at Kanin with great!'
Jonny Turnbull Dec 2008

'What a great Chalet for holidays and fun summer and winter. Went up Kanin for 2 days skiing. Great fun. Loads of booze food and silly games. Lovely friendly neighbors and beautiful place to relax.'
Meredith Turnbull Dec 2008

'Had a great stay. Boarded in Austria, Italy and Slovenia. Up to our waists in snow. Lovely house.'
Bob and Michael Feb 2009

'Perfect weather skiid Kanin and Tarvisio. We could see the sea from the top of Kanin. The view from the top of Monte Lussaro in Tarvisio has to be seen to be believed. This is also the start of the downhill run which must be skiid.
The house is perfect and so comfortable. It feels like summer in the valley and winter in the mountains.'
Tom and Robin March 2009

'Came for easter weekend. Had a days skiing on Kanin and lots of lazying by the river. Weather was stunning. The Soca Valley is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been and will most certainly be coming back.'
Victoria Pitstra April 2009

'Great to be back in the Soca Valley. Just as spectacular as I remembered it. A very relaxed, warm and sunny week with lots of good food. We also had time for our first camping trip of the year at lake Bohinj. We will definately be back to swim in the georgeous river!'
Sarah and Patrik April 2009.

'Wow I still cant get over it, this place is amazing. Its like nothing I have ever seen before and I think the next time I come ot visit I will be as equally blown away. Next time...paddling, swimming, fishing, walking, more eating...........'
Bella and will May 2009

'We loved paddling, rafting, walking to the shop, going to the top of Stol and catching up on sleep.'
Vanessa and Fanette May 2009